MBA Marketing & Brand Management (Full English)

MBA Marketing & Brand Management (Full English)


Obtenez un titre certifié pour réaliser une carrière internationale en marketing

Le MBA Marketing & Brand Management a été conçu pour permettre aux étudiants d’observer les différents domaines de la gestion marketing, y compris la gestion stratégique, le branding, la communication numérique et les études de marché.

Il s’adresse aux étudiants disposant déjà d’un parcours académique en marketing international et qui souhaitent améliorer leurs compétences en marketing et leurs connaissances de l’environnement mondial. En complément des séminaires assurés par des professionnels, les cours abordent de nombreuses études de cas de grandes entreprises renommées, de tous les secteurs.

Les jeunes diplômés pourront ainsi exercer à des postes de responsable de produits internationaux et de responsable de marques internationales.

Ce programme délivre le titre de Manager Marketing et Commercial, certification de niveau I, enregistrée au RNCP -code NSF 312n- par arrêté du 6 mai 2015 publié au J.O. du 27 mai 2015
Cette certification est accessible par la VAE.

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Sébastien MOUNIER

Sébastien MOUNIER

Directeur de programme

"Today the branding of a product is the key to its success"

Karl Lagerfeld said: "Logos and branding are so important! In a big part of the world, people cannot read French or English but are great in remembering signs".
For many years, Apple has communicated its brand, Microsoft has communicated its product. Today the value of Apple represents three times the value of Microsoft.

We offer this MBA in Marketing & Brand Management because today the branding of a product is the key to its success. The absence of branding will result in a product being unidentifiable.

I launched my own brand a few years ago and I know the importance of branding. Our purpose is to create a superior program for talented individuals looking for an international career in Brand Management. The program is successful because of our established network in different key sectors and industries with highly dedicated international speakers.



  • International Strategic Management

    Business is growing faster and more complex. International managers need a framework in order to develop clear and effective strategies in the area of marketing, management, operations, finance and human resources strategies.

  • Financial Management and Strategic Planning

    Topics include financial planning and budgeting; Cost controls; Mergers and Acquisitions strategy; Brand equity and return on capital employed; and, Corporate planning and the business cycle.

Brand Management

  • Leading Brand and Company Strategies

    Topics include developing an international strategic plan; Brand portfolio planning in international groups; Growth strategies in mature and emerging markets; Managing international distribution partnerships; and the role of the independent family-owned business.

  • Consumer Behavior

    This course investigates the dynamics of human behavior and how it relates to decision-making. It concentrates on the most important factors that influence the consumer’s decision making process. These include, at the individual level, motivation, personality traits and the self-concept, values and lifestyles, as well as psychological processes at the social and cultural level. These include group membership, social classes and subcultures.

  • Market Research

    This course presents the basic theory, tools and actual examples of techniques used in market research. How research can be used to help make informed strategy as well as marketing decisions to help create opportunities, and solve real business problems. How to introduce products into different geographic areas is also discussed.

  • Brand Management

    Topics include understanding the role of brands, the concept of brand equity and the advantages of creating strong brands; Exploring the brand equity concept; Identify and establish an effective brand positioning; Use the Customer Based Brand Equity framework; Examining main ways of building brand equity with a specific emphasis on brand elements and new perspectives on marketing; Grasp branding strategies; and Conduct a Brand Audit Project in an international context.

  • International Marketing

    Topics include understanding consumer and organizational purchasing behavior; market segmentation; market share, distribution systems; marketing mix and development of marketing strategies; strategic aspects of the marketing function including channels of distribution, retail improvement, pricing; and new product launching.
    Discover and understand the specificities of Marketing Management in different business areas: B2B, Services, Hospitality, Non Profit Organizations. Develop Marketing and Brand Management skills and carry out a marketing planning process in various sectors in an international context.

  • Merchandising

    Topics include: Consumer behavior as the keystone to brand strategy; Quantitative analysis relating to product placement; Optimization, value, reasons to set up, product range; and, Software tools for merchandising.

  • Packaging Design

    Topics include Brand Strategy; Visual Identity; Design and packaging; Industrial Design, Sales and, Marketing Architecture.

Digital & Communication

  • Communication Strategies in a Global Environment

    Topics include examining communication strategies and consumer targeting; Luxury advertising and public relations programs; Sponsorship and celebrity endorsement strategies; and, Managing international exclusivity and brand image.

  • International Advertising

    Topics include sales promotion and advertisement; advertising decisions; and, an overview of all the methods used by marketing communication professionals. Case studies.

  • Digital Marketing

    This course provides an overview of e-marketing, with a major focus on the World Wide Web and multimedia. It evaluates evolving marketing techniques and promotional technologies, and finds ways to integrate them into an effective communication strategy.
    Furthermore, emerging media channels are analyzed to predict future trends. Team projects in class emphasize current trends and propose an outlook into the new marketing landscape.

  • CRM & Client Database Management

    The course approaches its subject matter from a relational viewpoint. That is, it emphasizes learning more about customers ‘needs and behaviors in order to develop stronger relationships with them, using technology and integrating information about consumers, sales, marketing, responsiveness, and luxury market trends.
    Students will learn how to use CRM technology to gain insight into customers and understand the critical value customers possess. On completing the course, they will understand the importance of using CRM software to create, track, and manage partnerships, contracts, and agreements; and to monitor distribution management.

Key Sectors

  • Management of Luxury Products and Brands

    The course concentrates on aspects of brand management in the luxury domain including the marketing mix, pricing policies and the analysis of product offer including brand extensions and co-branded products. The role of design and innovation will also be examined as well as the special techniques required for launching a new luxury product. Students will learn to apply the principles of luxury product development to a sector of their choice.

  • Travel and Tourism Marketing

    Topics include: How innovation is transforming bespoke tourism; Success strategies, trends and developments; Insights into the business of private jets, personalized itineraries and signature destinations.

  • International Fashion Marketing

    Topics include: Understand the principles which govern marketing activities in global environment; Managing creativity and innovation; Existing and emerging markets for fashion goods; and, International market entry, product launches, marketing strategies and promotions in fashion sector.

  • Food & Wine Marketing

    This course introduces product life cycles and new product development: Developing line extensions; Visual merchandising and promotional materials; Brand identity and visual design in packaging development; and, Tasting sessions, field trips and visits by leading chefs.

  • Event & Sport Marketing

    Topics include attaining deeper knowledge in a real world event management situations and the five stages of event management (research, design, planning, coordination, and evaluation); Understanding how to manage time and human resources effectively; Having insight into hiring vendors, caterers, sound and light technicians; Entertainment, and other resources; Learning how to conduct an event site inspection; Being knowledgeable about risk-management procedures and tactics; Learning about the requirements for necessary contracts, permits, and licenses, and how to meet these requirements and understand budgeting, pricing, and accounting as they relate to event design.
    Students will also study: Understanding sports industry, players and opportunities; Designing and controlling events logistics; Providing hospitality at events; Negotiations and contracts; and, Event marketing.

Projets, Stages et Parcours Professionnels


  • Claire BESNARD
    Marketing Produits
    Vincent CLEMENT
    Sophie DYER
    Marketing et Communication
    Georgina FRANCO SU
  • Gabrielle JOASSARD
    Commercial - Direction Clientèle
    Aline LOY
    Assistante chef de projet Print
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