MBA Luxury Brand Management, Food and Wine (100% Anglais)

MBA Luxury Brand Management, Food and Wine (100% Anglais)


An MBA with academic excellence and professional experience in the food & wine industry

The *MBA Luxury Brand Management Food & Wine fully taught in English, is the perfect combination of theoretical and practical training covering key luxury sectors such as gastronomy, wine, champagnes and spirits, hospitality, as well as new food trends fashion and beauty as all these sectors are connected to each other.

Those segments within thee luxury industry has globally become a fast-growing and booming sector. The international companies are nowadays seeking high level managers or experts who are able to move within an international and challenging environment with the objective of ensuring their economic growth everywhere in the world. For that purpose, the goal of this MBA is to allow students to be immersed in all the aspects of the luxury food & beverage industry so as to improve and master the specific technical skills needed to work in this both demanding and complex environment.

Students acquire all the know-how they need to develop their proficiency skills required by every manager of the luxury industry primarily in the following ways:

  • Lectures and seminars led by professionals
  • Visits to leading companies including practical courses on different business segments
  • Analysis of existing and emerging consumers and markets

In addition to this, the MBA Luxury Brand Management Food & Wine provides students with a series of five modules focusing on the Art of Wine Tasting. Over these modules, students will be discovering and tasting different wines from diverse regions from Bordeaux to Bourgogne. This Art of Wine Tasting will allow students to get a certificate in addition to the MBA degree offering them a double qualification.

This MBA program is also meant to ensure a high degree of expertise in order to hold high-ranking positions such as Brand Manager, Product Manager, Trade Manager, and Community Manager...

*This program delivers a title of Trade and Marketing Manager, certified level I by the RCNCP

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MBA Luxury Brand Management Food & Wine Coordinator

A high-level specialization dedicated to international Luxury Brand Management

The luxury sector is one of the biggest in the world and it will increase still further in the next ten years.

Familiarity with FRENCH EXCELLENCE in areas such as luxury fine food, spirits, wine and luxury tourism is a real asset for students who want to learn about this sector. France is internationally recognized for its elegance, its sophistication and its rich culture, combining tradition with audacious modernity. It is also renowned for its savoir-faire when it comes to wine and gastronomy, as well as its excellent higher education. Taking part in an MBA in Food & Wine in Paris is a real asset in the worldwide tourism market. Students who enter the luxury sector will face an enormous challenge in terms of management. They will also need to understand organizational behavior as a key factor of success in this particular sector. We will focus on all areas from production to distribution channels, export & import… all the aspects of this industry will be covered. Students will learn how to recognize the specificities of luxury that are essential for enhancing brand performance and customer satisfaction.

Academic Curriculum

With the aim of providing students with a deeper understanding of the luxury industry, the program includes 21 courses:

Luxury Brand Management

  • Creating and Developing New Luxury Brands

  • Value Perception of the Luxury Industry

  • Luxury Brand Equity Management

  • Counterfeiting & Intellectual Property

  • Strategic Marketing

  • Luxury and CSR


  • Digital Marketing in Luxury

  • E-Merchandising

  • From Cross-Channel to Omni-Channel Management

Wine Marketing

  • International Wine Economy

  • Luxury Wine Marketing

  • Spirit Marketing

  • Branding Wine and Spirit

  • Art of Wine Tasting

  • Oneo Tourism

Gastronomy & Food Marketing

  • Hospitality & Gastronomy

  • Gastro Tourism

  • Luxury Food Marketing

  • Business Plan in Luxury

(The content of the courses is updated each year and before each start of the school year)

The “Luxury Attitude Certified”:

The MBA Luxury Brand Management Food & Wine also provides a brand new e-movie learning module including 11 episodes entitled “You make Luxury come true”. This training program leads to the “Luxury Attitude Certified” qualification, certifying acquisition of the knowledge required to work in the Luxury sector.


The OENOPTIMO INWINE INSIDE program includes 4 days of training on wine knowledge and tasting taught by the international lecturers of the INSEEC Wine and Spirits Institute. This session is concluded by an exam ( MCQ + blind tasting ) allowing to obtain the INWINE certificate (Level B Intermediate).

Study and Wine Tours

Students will be exposed to international luxury brand markets and immersed in the reality of these markets through:

  • Study Tours in Bourgogne and Champagne regions in order to meet managers working for famous Maisons de Champagne such as Pommery or Taittinger
  • Visit to the “Marché international de Rungis” to enhance understanding of the business management of the biggest food wholesale market in Paris.
  • Visits to the headquarters of Luxury Brands, 5* hotels and palaces, and key places of Parisian gastronomy
  • Cookery lessons with famous chefs at “L'Atelier des Chefs”

Each year, students in MBA Luxury Brand Management are sponsored by an influential personality of a renowned luxury brand:

  • Armen PETROSSIAN, CEO of PETROSSIAN, is the patron of the class of 2014
  • Franck NEMARCQ, Marketing & Communication Director of MAUBOUSSIN, is the patron of the class of 2015
  • Stéphane BARRAND, Managing Director of Relais de Silence is the patron of the class of 2016

In what professions do our alumni work?


  • Communication & Digital
  • Manager, PR Manager, Digital
  • Storyteller, Community Manager
  • Visual Merchandising Manager
  • Event & Project Manager


  • Product Manager, Brand
  • Manager, CRM Customer
  • Relationship Manager, Digital
  • Project Manager


  • Trade Manager, Sales Manager
  • Business Developer
  • Export/ Import Sales Manager
  • Store Manager
  • Purchase Manager

Qingyang TIAN

Chinese Market Development Manager
(Legrand & CO)

“The MBA Luxury Brand Management Food & Wine immediately attracted me because the program combines fashion and food & wine: at the time the choice to specialize in wine was not yet defined. This MBA invites you to understand all aspects of the luxury sector, to acquire the necessary technical knowledge to be able to integrate the biggest houses, and especially to sharpen up your professional project.

I work as a development manager at Legrand & Co, which has a historic wine cellar in Paris, a trading company in Bordeaux, as well as a large Bordeaux château and grands crus de Bourgogne. I am in charge of the development of the Chinese market. I mainly deal with all commercial activity as well as the whole marketing and communication part of adopting new strategies for the Chinese market.”

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