MBA Cosmetics & Fragrances (100% Anglais ou Français / Anglais)

MBA Cosmetics & Fragrances (100% Anglais ou Français / Anglais)


An MBA with academic excellence and professional experience in the cosmetics & fragrances industry

As a very appealing domain, dynamic and constantly changing, luxury markets remain attractive around the world and clearly have a bright future. These have increased in visibility with profitable growth and gains in market share, high performance of major luxury brands (Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Gucci, Chanel, Cartier or Rolex) and with the progressive number of billionaires in the world. The MBA COSMETICS & FRAGRANCES* entirely taught in English, was created to suit the vitality of the current worldwide luxury market. It is the perfect combination of theoretical and practical training, covering key luxury sectors.

*This program delivers a title of Trade and Marketing Manager, certified level I by the RNCP

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MBA Cosmetics & Fragrances Coordinator

MSc & MBA INSEEC PARIS are happy to present the creation of their brand new French/English program dedicated to the management of beauty!

Along with luxury and fashion, the field of beauty, which brings together cosmetics and fragrances, is a key French stronghold. For the very first time in France, a renowned business school proposes a brand new MBA entirely dedicated to the management of cosmetics and beauty.

Designed in close collaboration with reputed beauty managers to meet the expectations of beauty companies, this French and English-speaking program is taught by both academics and beauty professionals.

Besides the academic knowledge required for the exercise of their future careers as beauty managers, students will have the opportunity to discover and perfect their skills through multiple workshops, conferences, visits, and one study tour. After graduation, students can progress directly to positions in marketing as product/brand managers, operational or development marketing managers…), in communication as advertising /PR managers…), in sales as trade managers, key account managers…), or in digital as community managers).

To be admitted to this very first year, applicants must have a robust career plan. Some prior professional experience, such as an internship in one of the related fields, is a plus.

Academic Curriculum

The MBA provides the keys to master all the necessary components of the beauty market. It includes 21 courses focused on:

Generic and Strategic Courses

  • International marketing

  • Budget management

  • Digital marketing & communication

  • Strategic marketing & brand management

  • Communication strategies

  • Design thinking

  • Marketing research

Beauty-Related Specific Courses

  • History of beauty

  • Beauty markets, strategies and actors

  • Cosmetics and fragrances brand semiology

  • Beauty brand management

  • Distribution and retail management

  • Rules & regulations

  • Project management

Pratical Courses & Workshops

  • Trends in beauty

  • Packaging design

  • Product development

  • Consumer behaviour

  • Getting to know cosmetics (workshop)

  • Appreciating fragrances (workshop)

  • Make-up, toiletries and haircare workshop

(The content of the courses is updated each year and before each start of the school year)

The “Luxury Attitude Certified”:

The MBA Cosmetics and Fragrances also provides a brand new e-movie learning module including 11 episodes entitled “You make Luxury come true”. This training programme leads to the “Luxury Attitude Certified” qualification, certifying acquisition of the knowledge required to work in the Luxury sector.

Conferences, Visits and Study Tours

Throughout their programme, students will have the opportunity to:

  • attend conferences given by renowned beauty professionals on hot beauty topics,
  • visit stores, aroma production plants, fragrance houses, etc.,
  • and take part in a study tour allowing them to discover places, factories, houses or brands representative of the different beauty sectors and areas of employment


Co-founder WK Bureau & Consultation and Communication for Luxury Brands

“What an exciting time to be a part of the luxury world! This industry is facing so many challenges with the rise of technology and the internet domination, and I truly feel like the INSEEC MBA in Luxury Brand Management has given me the personal and professional expertise to be part of the agents who will shape up the future of the industry!

The classes are very interactive, and the learning process happens through group projects from real marketing cases, which prepares us perfectly for the working industry. The professors are real experts in their fields and their stories and teachings are so inspiring. This prestigious diploma gave me the opportunity to work with the best companies in the Middle East like Leo Burnett and Esposa Group. And today I am starting a consultation and communication bureau for luxury brands.”

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