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This program is fully taught in english.


For initial training (internship): French or foreign graduates, preferably in the sector concerned, from business schools, university or engineering schools who can attest of:

  • Bac + 4 level or equivalent, ie 240 ECTS credits or an RNCP level 6 title

For dual training (apprenticeship or professionalization): The same academic prerequisites are required. In addition, the INSEEC MSc & MBA Paris Career Center has the right to inspect your application and request:

  • In MSc2: a professional experience of one year minimum (work-study only)

For VAE:  Graduates of a bac + 3 / + 4 with at least three years of professional experience (excluding internship and work-study) in the fashion marketing field.


Our main objectives are:

  • Providing students with an exhaustive view of how fashion products work, how brand positioning has to be implemented, in order to optimize the collections of brand or “Maisons” from A (inception) to Z (selling to the consumer)
  • Gaining insights of product processes, key levers of marketing strategies, and ensuring the ability to develop trends from a creative and cultural perspective

Professional certification issued and skills block

Title of «Manager Marketing et Commercial» registered in RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications) level 7 – old level 1. Order of May 6, 2015 and published in the Official Journal of May 27, 2015.

You can find the skills block associated with this RNCP title right here

Je souhaite


Skills to acquire are described under each course.


  • Executing design and management activities within the innovation of the product-service system, while combining vision, sensitivity to innovation signs, ability to formulate solutions and manage complexity.
  • Mastering the tools to look at the current business landscape from a systemic point of view at 360 °, in order to develop radical innovations in products, services, and communication strategies.


  • Gaining insight into the diamond and jewelry sector, from B to B to C.
  • Mastering the vocabulary appropriate to the gems and jewelry sector, and being able to anticipate the next 20 years in these segments.


  • Mastering advanced visual display technics, in relation to Fashion brands’ merchandinsing strategy.
  • Being able to create the visual dimension of a Pop up Store in relation to brand identity.


  • Understanding the collection process, the roles of the different actors involved into it, and being able to coordinate them.
  • Knowing how to create coherence between brand identity/product/target and price, and how to optimise the collection management.


  • Understanding the roles of key players in media & PR, and the positive impact of networking on Fashion brands.
  • Grasping the nature and practice of editing, art direction, layout and subbing features, and mastering the creation, management and publication of a Fashion magazine.


  • Being able to design transmedia campaigns by using innovative and interactive storytelling techniques.
  • Creating engaging storytelling content by leveraging technology, social media and game design.


  • Gaining insights into a panoramic view of fashion history and lifestyle.
  • Developing an historical awareness of contemporary brands.


  • Being able to plan events in the fashion industry and to develop creative ideas for event concepts.
  • Understanding the different types and requirements of fashion events, and mastering the stages and technics to develop an integrated event from concept to implementation.


  • Mastering the tools and methods to observe, analyze and adapt cultural, social and commercial trends to the Fashion market, meeting its needs and requirements in terms of product and service offer.
  • Estimating, planning and differentiating the income potential of a Fashion brand, and being able to develop its value.


  • Knowing how to build communication channel strategies, to challenge SEO professionals, and to define specifications in relation to a communication brief.
  • Creating an Online Visibility Plan and understanding Acquisition-Engagement-Retention logics.


  • Being able to develop a brand identity and naming program as well as innovative brand communications and experiences (touchpoints).
  • Knowing how to to set up the foundations for a strong brand strategy in fashion and implementate an efficient brand strategy.


  • Understanding the different stages in a supply chain, the role of the different types of retailers, and the KPIs necessary to evaluate the merchandising plans.
  • Being able to establish a buying process, to efficiently source stocks from the right suppliers, and to build an assortment/merchandising plan.


  • Knowing how to build and lead an agile and innovative omni-channel strategy in order to increase sales and build customer loyalty in the Fashion industry.
  • Being able to make relevant recommendations to improve the customer experience on each marketing & retail channel.


  • Anticipating the future of sustainable fashion and its crucial challenges for the global industry
  • Mastering sustainable fashion product development from upstream to downstream


  • Understanding the process of fashion product development, in order to be able, as a future manager, to supervise and collaborate successfully with cross-cultural creative, technical and commercial teams.
  • Knowing how to control and master time, costs, quality and supply chain throughout the product development process.


  • Apprehending the Fashion brand’s construction principles, and brand management techniques.
  • Knowing how to increase the quality and sustainability of the consumer / fashion brand relationship, and to improve a fashion brand’s identity in the eyes of customers.


Pedagogical methods

Teaching methods

  • Lectures and interactive courses
  • Scenarios through collective or individual case studies carried out by students
  • Conferences, seminars and educational visits

Leadership Lab

This is the final study project on which all MSc2 and MBA students work throughout the year.
Beginning with Leadership Week, a week during which our students are brought to meet great leaders and business leaders from their sector on the concept of leadership, the Leadership Lab is composed of a leadership project, leadership pitch and leadership study, all three evaluated.
The Leadership Lab is presented in detail to students at the beginning of their  intake.

Assessment methods

  • Individual or group case studies
  • Individual and group oral presentations
  • Individual and group files

Methods and tools

The evaluation methods are carried out face-to-face, in the form of continuous monitoring or final exams carried out in the form of end-of-term exams.

Related jobs

  • Product Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Communication Manager
  • Buyer
  • Merchandising Manager
  • Brand Manager
  • Innovation Manager
  • Collection Manager

Intakes and schedules


  • Course alternating: 3 days / 2 days
  • September/October intake: class from September to February
  • Spring intake: class from March to July

6 months full-time internship:

  • September/October intake: from March to August
  • Spring intake: from August to February


Course alternating: 4 days in school / 11 days in company  (September/October intake) or 3 days / 2 days (Spring intake)

  • September/October intake: class for 12 months starting September 2020 to September 2021
  • Spring intake**: class for 12 months starting March 2021 to September 2022

The work-study contract must be signed for a period of 24 months (further studies in MSc2).

**If you have any question about the potential opening of our programs for the spring intake (March 2021), please contact our Admissions department.

* apprenticeship or professionalization contract (both are possible)

Practical information

Our campus

Paris campus
11, 13, 31, 35, 51 et 53 Quai de la Seine
75019 Paris

The main building is located on the 31 Quai de la Seine 75019 Paris.
Some courses can occasionally take place within the premises of the INSEEC School of Commerce and Economics at 27 rue Claude Vellefaux, 75010 Paris.

Hourly volume of training

455 hours

Tuition fees

Check our tuition fees here (this program is international).


Anne-Laure BONCORI, dean of the Marketing Department (Paris).
Check out all our contacts here (particulary our Admissions department).


How and where to apply can be found on this page.

Continue your studies with disabilites

INSEEC U. pays particular attention to the societal environment, which includes the disability dimension. In fact, students with disabilities should not, in our opinion, encounter problems in pursuing their studies and starting a professional career.
We support them to facilitate their access to the premises and offer them personalized advice and suitable accommodation throughout their school career.

Accessibility of our campus: for students with physical disabilities, lessons can be given on the campus of the INSEEC School of Business & Economics (school of the INSEEC U.) at 27 rue Claude Vellefaux 75010 Paris, adapted to disability standards .

CONTACT: Priscila SELVA, Communication Manager and Disabled Persons Contact INSEEC MSc & MBA Paris.

Luxury & Wine Department Statistics (Paris campus)

  • 82% of our students are satisfied to study at INSEEC MSc & MBA Paris (survey carried out in August 2019 among students in the March 2018-2019 session)

  • 15% of our students from the Luxuy & Wine Departement of Paris in work-study (September 2019 intake)

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