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Get a Master specialization in Esport Communication.



It was in 2015 as part of the tournament « The International 2 » held on the video game Dota 2 that records are achieved: a cash prize of over $ 22 million offering at the same time good media exposure a sector still unknown.
For comparison, the Roland Garros tournament of the same year offered a cash-prize of 15 million euros.
The sector of the Esport is today composed of event company, media, competitive structure.
The competitions broadcast live on various video streaming platforms sometimes reach record audiences doing some channels fade traditional TV.


The 2nd year MSc Esports Communication, is a training that provides the necessary knowledge in commercial and technical education with a strong international specialization. The Esports communication is quite amazing, our educational approach is organised directly by stakeholders and the biggest companies in the Esport industry.
The main objective is to train students with different profiles and thus bring them to professions such as Esports agent, event manager, advertising director, external / internal communication manager, etc.


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Program Coordinator
Sébastien LEVEQUE

« Preparing the next communication professionals in the esports field is a new challenge. It is up to them to open up the business esport market. There is everything to create, everything to develop, it is the new challenge for our students, to become the greatest communicators in this exciting world. »

Transversal & Fundamentals lessons

Business English (London campus)

This Business English module aims to help you understand topics for networking, meeting organization, marketing presentation, project presentation, analytical explanation, etc.

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Learn how to get the most out of Search engine advertising, which is a branch of online marketing. It is possible to pay a search engine for a placement in certain search results. These advertisements do not appear in natural search results. Instead, they appear in the sponsored results. You will learn how to improve and budget this specific part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

International budget

You will learn why good budgeting means good development and how to plan, monitor and report against your budget. You’ll also learn the structured method for managing funding from different donors, the importance of cost control and forecasting cash flowand how budgets and accounting statements fit together.

Digital design (London campus)

The main goal is to acquire the key skills of image and video editing with professional tools in an editing studio. You will work with a professional who will supervise you and explain the stakes of a creation for marketing purposes.

Digital & communication law

During the course we will investigate the history and regulation of telecommunications in a number of jurisdictions, aiming to give students a wide overview of this area. We’ll also investigates the relationship between intellectual property and the internet.

Fundraising & M&A

This module aims to understand how to raise funds for the creation of your business. Fund raising target, what should your pitch deck look like, finding the right investor, the type of investment, how startup funding works, how to describe your project, investment fundraising funnel, targeting investors & alternative finance options.

Communication strategy

A communication strategy is the critical piece bridging the situation analysis and the implementation of a social and behavior change communication program. It is a written plan that details how a strategy will reach its vision, given the current situation. Effective communication strategies use a systematic process and behavioral theory to design and implement communication activities that encourage sustainable social and behavior change.

Specialized Courses

US Esports Market & Influencers (London campus)

An esports professional from the British market will explain the market with its figures, its evolutions, its slippages but also all the future possibilities to work on an international scale. You’ll discover how to work with influencers.

Company Management

The process of leading, administrating and directing a company. Business tasks often performed by corporate management might include strategic planning, as well as managing company resources and applying them toward attaining the company’s objectives.

Esports Commercial Sponsorship

Understand the needs of non-endemic brands, and build an international marketing plan that adapts to the functioning and mores of the esports market, while respecting the partner’s goals.

International Esports Events

Learn how to design an international events circuit, which meets the publisher’s needs, the community and promoters. Knowing how to choose games, countries, the ratio of shown online/offline, and the attendance of the room.

Esports talent management

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to upgrade your talent strategies in line with progressive thinking. Recruit, retain and develop. Broaden your reach and impact and build a strong process to recruit a high performing workforce. You’ll also learn the essential skills for an esport coach.

Esports Club Management

Know all the prerequisites of an esports club management model and compare with a sports club.

South Korea Esports market (Seoul campus)

An esports professional from the Korean market will explain the market with its figures, its evolutions, its slippages but also all the future possibilities to work on an international scale. You’ll be able to compare the French, the British and Korean markets.

Korean Esports event (Seoul campus)

You will discover all esports events in Korea and understand how to adapt those events according to a public but also sponsors.