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Transversal & Fundamental Courses

Budget management and financial dashboards

The objective is to acquire key skills in terms of budget management and reporting. Particular emphasis will be placed on: budget architecture, with the implementation of financial documents, project management control and its link with budget management, creation and management of financial dashboards.


Business plan and business creation

This module teaches how to create and carry out a business plan: the conception and costing of a project, or the development of a business. Several stages are addressed: feasibility studies, targeting the right market, opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses, communication, financing plans and profitability.


Business strategy

A precise methodology for analysing customer needs, market structure and competitor dynamics to identify opportunities and threats to the business environment.



This seminar focuses on negotiation in a national and international context; how participants must take into account the cultural dimension and its impact on international negotiations. National negotiations will focus on the sales process through role play.



Improving English-language comprehension and communication skills in professional English and also in a broader context. Students are given the opportunity to take the TOEIC exam.


Information Technology

This module aims at deepening students’ skills in computer science: from technical bases to the typical architecture of computer systems and operating systems, as well as office tools (Excel, Access, PowerPoint ).


Business Game

The business game is carried out using a management simulator. Groups of students are responsible for running a business in real time. All major functions of the company are covered. Students will make decisions designed to maximise the profitability of the company.

Business Skills

What makes a successful business person? Internal and external communication skills; managing your priorities and deadlines; organization and time management skills; how to be a great listener, writer and speaker; effective sales techniques; effective group dynamics and project management skills; understanding international business culture.

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Specialized Courses


This course aims to illustrate the existing links between economics and marketing (Maslow/Schwartz/Rokeach/Murray).
The following fundamental concepts in BtoC Marketing will be presented: Purchasing patterns; The role of key players; Segmentation; Analysing the supply; Studying the demand; Cultural behavior patterns; Company response and strategy.


This course aims to introduce legal issues which arise in negotiating, concluding and executing contracts in an international context.
Such knowledge will help future global executives anticipate complex transactions abroad.
Such transactions may involve contracting parties from several countries and the execution of contractual obligations in several nations.


Based on a case-study approach, this course will review classic and webbased marketing strategies, focusing on the international challenges facing today’s global corporations.
Students will study – among other approaches – some or all of the following strategic models: Blue Ocean Strategy; Megatrends and the Emergence of Metamarkets; Market Specialty as Differentiation; Customer-Led Business.


An introduction to the terminology, basics and initial concepts of international trade.
This course provides the students with tools enabling them to think strategically in a global environment.


This course teaches the fundamentals of the procurement processes used by international corporations.
Classes will combine theory and practical applications to illustrate the following key processes and actions: Purchasing Objectives, Procurement Process, Invitation to Tender, Vendor Selection and Management, Contract Negotiation, Supply Chain Management, Service Level Agreements, Quality Assurance, Legal and Contractual Obligations.


This seminar explores the role of international business and politics and their impact on global current events. From China to the Middle East, and from the United States to Europe, this course embraces such key factors as oil, terrorism, religion, demographics and ecology.


By using various examples of leading international groups (LVMH, PPR..), this seminar introduces brand portfolio extensions: premium brand positioning and the marketing and communication strategies involved: New product introductions; Pricing strategies; Consumer perception; Brand equity.
This course will also explain the effect that such extensions have on a brand and the financial impact on the group.

Poursuite en 2e année de Master of Science / MBA

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