MSc & MBA Programs Design

MSc & MBA Programs Design

A wide range of specializations

INSEEC graduate business programs are flexible and well-adapted to the variety of students’ profiles. Depending on their previous professional or academic experience, students may earn their Master’s degree in one or two years.

MSc and MBA programs participants start their first year by choosing their second year specialization. After the 1st trimester they might opt for another second year-program.

Alternate business studies with long-term internship

Business students acquire academic knowledge of fundamental practices of business in class. Yet, the MSc & MBA programs aim at giving its participants all-round business education and professional experience at the same time. This is why INSEEC MSc & MBA courses allow students to alternate business studies with work placement.

Each year of studies includes:

  • a 6-month semester of academic coursework alternated with internship (3 days in class and 2 days of work placement per week);
  • a full-time professional internship of 5-6 months in a field related to the graduate business program.

Thus, INSEEC business programs graduates enter the professional world fully prepared for its numerous challenges and ready to handle them skillfully.

Program Design

A research paper to deeply analyze business situations

INSEEC Masters of Science and MBA programs participants must write and submit a research paper on a topic related to their specialization: communication, finance, management, international business, etc.

Through this rigorous work, students can justify the understanding of a particular business situation, and, if possible, contribute to the solution of practical business problems.

INSEEC MSc & MBA is member of Group INSEEC.

Groupe INSEEC is a leader in private higher education in France and offers a large choice of programs from post high school to doctoral studies in initial training and executive education. Campuses are located in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux, Chambery, Geneva, Monaco, London, Shanghai and San Francisco.

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INSEEC MSc & MBA is a School that is part of INSEEC U.'s Management Centre
INSEEC U. is private higher education and interdisciplinary research institution located in Paris, Lyon, Bordeaux and Chambéry.
With campuses in London, Monaco, Geneva, San Francisco and Shanghai, INSEEC U. occupies a unique place in the French educational landscape.
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