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Stephanie Campion
Head of the Finance Specialisation of INSEEC MBA
INSEEC Masters of Science & MBA Paris

“An English chartered accountant, I worked as an auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers, then created and headed a Managerial Accounting department and Internal Audit function for the insurance subsidiary of the Trustee Savings Banks. In 1989, I was “head-hunted” by the Insurance section of the European Commission for a two-year mission in Paris, at the end of which I joined the French subsidiary of AIG as their Financial Controller. Since obtaining a recognised teaching diploma in 1997, I have taught finance and accounting related subjects in business schools, professional training centres and companies.I was recruited by INSEEC in 2001, not long after the start of the school’s higher education level programmes, to teach Managerial Accounting in their new MBA. In 2007, I was asked to manage the Finance Specialisation, and develop it into a diploma worthy of the name INSEEC MBA. The addition of a first year “Masters 1” level at INSEEC has helped enormously, because the core courses such as Human Resources Management and basic Financial Accounting have already been covered before students begin their specialisation year. I also teach various accounting and finance-oriented subjects in several other MSc & MBA programmes at INSEEC.The Finance Specialisation of INSEEC MBA targets business people who already have a few years’ experience, and therefore have something to offer to the group. Because the programme is highly intensive, and delivered entirely in English, we recruit people who are self-motivating, numerate and at ease with learning and communicating in English. Our students come from all over the world, and that is what constitutes the value of the experience of working in cross-cultural groups.
We prepare our students for a career in management of large international corporations, or to set up their own business if that is their preference. As well as a specialised knowledge of financial applications, such careers require knowledge and ability in the areas of strategy, corporate governance, risk management, and the development and efficiency of systems and staff.My advice to students is that, however good you are, you will never know everything! It is therefore important to cultivate the following qualities: flexibility, originality, the ability to do several things at the same time, openness to criticism and the humility to accept and implement the suggestions of colleagues. And to do the same for them.”

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