Visit to Meribel for MSc Luxury

The Msc Luxury Hospitality and Events Management had the chance to visit magic Meribel Ski Resort, to go around Savoie and to visit amazing luxury Hotel and Chalet ; they visited the Ski Resort Meribel with the amazing slopes and two incredible luxury proprieties.

They met Christophe Mugnier, event manager in charge of the Ski Alpin World Cup Final 2015, and Stephane Couyoudjan, architect, to see hôtels business, events organization, luxury architecture, promotion of luxury chalets, that are a part of student’s curriculum.

What about the ski resort ?
Méribel lies at the centre of the world’s largest ski area, les Trois Vallees, giving access to over 600km of piste and unlimited off-piste. The valley also includes a number of traditional villages. Together they form one of the most popular destinations for British skiers. The resort’s perennial popularity is due not only to its extensive skiing, but also to the attractive chalet-style architecture. Unlike many purpose-built ski resort Méribel has retained its Alpine charm and consists entirely of chalet-style wood and stone buildings.

The students went up on the top of the world,  a trip with a gondola. Stephane was telling them that from the top of the mountain they can see the amazing Mont Blanc.

Standing at 2730 meters, there is a small culinary paradise called “Le Panoramic”, facing the Mont-Blanc. It proposes all the highest quality traditional restaurant with Savoie specialities.

The students visited a 4 star Hotel, the Hotel Allodis  lounge and spa, on the top of the mountain, with direct access to the slopes. The hotel has completely personalized rooms elegantly combine Savoyard charm, modernity and relaxing quietude.

They visited a luxury chalet, nice decorated, with pieces of art around and mountain style influence, modern at the same time. The chalet is around 600 m squared, and it fits around 12 people, with a personal chef and a private driver.

« Many thanks to Dustin McEldowney, Teacher, and Sebatien Francon, Program Manager, for this amazing adventure ! »