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In line with their studies, the International Business Management students visited the headquarters of the OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) with their program Director, Mrs. Rany Patout.

This initiative gave the students the possibility of meeting experts in different fields such as finance, communication or economy. It also gave them an accurate vision and a deep understanding of how this international economic organization is structured.

The students first attended a conference by Mr. Adam Murray, Delegate of the United States Mission to the Organization for Economy and Development who detailed the objectives and activities of the institution.

Mr. Murray started his conference by letting them know about the OECD history and important facts. For instance, he told the students that in 1961 the United States (along with other 17 states) was one of the first OECD members. Additionally, he explained that the goal – and slogan – of this institution is Better Policies and Better Lives.

Next, Ms. Lorena Sanchez, Project Manager of the OECD Public Affairs & Communications Department welcomed the students in order to share her experience, her area of expertise as well as her missions within the Organization since she started working there.

Ms. Sanchez also explained that her department focuses a lot on social indicators and research. For example, one of her mission is being in charge of writing and publishing in collaboration with her team, various reports such as Measuring What Matters in People’s Life or Gender Gaps in Well-Being.

The students also met Mr. Andreas Kappeler, an economist who explained how the Economic Department of the OECD works. The economist detailed for example the two major branches of his division: the first one being the country studies which are based on economic surveys (measured every two years), main products and main mission statements, such as benchmarking and assessing structural and comparable data. Then he referred to the second branch which is the Policy Studies.

Following the meetings with high-ranking professionals, they ended the day by visiting the different parts of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development site.


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