[Success Story] Tatiana: « INSEEC allows me to enter a world of excellence »

Interview of Tatiana Balaban, executive editor at Luxury Magazine Romania. She is also a successful publisher, having written a book on Luxury. For us, she retraces her academic and professional path.

Tatiana, you took a postgraduate at INSEEC in 2011. How was your choice oriented to the MBA Luxury Brand Management?

I have always been attracted to the world of excellence and exclusivity. I often opted for quality and special products.  Once I discovered the MBA of Luxury Brand Management, I knew it was the perfect way to develop my knowledge about this industry; therefore my enthusiasm and passion guided my steps towards exploring luxury industry at a reputed school such as INSEEC.

What have you learned that was particularly useful in obtaining your career goals?

The MBA Luxury Brand Management at INSEEC provided me a lot of practical background and the opportunity to enter a world of excellence, but I have also learned many things about myself, my passion and talent. I do believe that it gave me a strong impulse to develop my future plans and set up my career goals in a more organized manner, taking step by step each opportunity.

You are Executive Editor at Luxury Magazine Romania. What are your main responsibilities?

My job is a very hands-on one considering the fact that working at Luxury Magazine is very challenging. As an Executive Editor, my responsibilities are to oversee and work with other editors to ensure that articles are acceptable for their appropriate format. Also, my duties involve time management and communication between multiple departments to ensure that all the editorial part of the magazine is complete on time. In addition, I always attend events that are of interest for the magazine and organize media partnerships with various luxury brands.

You recently published THE LUXURY BOOK. Could you explain what it is about?

THE LUXURY BOOK is the first book in Romania about the luxury industry, written by a Romanian author. Throughout the 8 chapters, the book intends to answer all the key questions that lead to a better understanding of the history of luxury and luxury businesses & brands. I did not stop at the theoretical level , but also went into deep investigations, interviews, at the same time, being able to identify what are the overall characteristics that form the end-result, the prestige of luxury services. This analysis lead readers to a better understanding of the industry since its beginnings till nowadays approach: history, evolution, but also Communication & Marketing strategies.

Why did you take up this subject?

The main goal of this book is not only to inform, but also to educate the Romanian market concerning luxury industry. Despite the fact that Romania is already in the developing process, the lack of experience and knowledge was still noticeable when it came to exclusive services. This was due to the lack of knowledge and information about the field that prevented the progression of affairs in this country. By publishing THE LUXURY BOOK, I had a great opportunity to make the first step by providing the necessary tool for learning, for a improved action in the field.

What is your fondest memory or most surprising experience as a student at INSEEC MSc & MBA?

As trivial as it may seen, the person who inspired me during MBA Luxury Brand Management, was professor Robert Olorenshaw. Therefore, my memories are strongly related to him as a teacher and a human being. In addition to my interest in this domain, he brought an extra passion and a better understanding of luxury, driving me into a world that was going to become my career. I remember with great enthusiasm his special guests from various luxury industries and our trip to Champagne, which was a great experience. Of course, nothing would have been possible without the support of INSEEC MSc & MBA.

What would be your message and advice for future students?

First of all, one has to know that luxury is a very specific industry. What drove me towards this domain, was my passion for sophistication and excellence, therefore I always tried to be updated by reading specialized books and participating in various events. I would advise future students who want to enter the luxury world to be daring and open-minded, to be creative and ready for new challenges. INSEEC is always there to support creativity and new talents.