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After a conference at INSEEC MSc & MBA Paris in April, Luc LESENECAL, President of SAINT JAMES (a French brand reknowned for its clothing Nautical stripe), renewed his collaboration with our business school. He assigned a « transmedia storytelling » project to the students in MSc Fashion Marketing, Design & Brand Strategies in order to recruit new customers for the brand, with a more active and participative implication.

Last June, these students specialized in fasion marketing presented their works to Mr. LESENECAL and their professors, Mireille PACQUET HAINAULT and Maurizio SERENA. They delivered the conclusions of their study of SAINT JAMES universe and defended their different projects of transmedia storytelling communication campaign. They also highlighted some key issues such as the choice of their transmedia strategy, the narrative schemes, and the different digital media platforms that could be used, such as Twitter, Foursquare, etc.

Following the presentations, Mr. LESENECAL emphasized the relevance and originality of the projects.

Through this case study, the students have clearly learned to master the transmedia storytelling techniques… and revealed their talent!

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