Retrouvez le portait de Waseem, étudiant pakistanais, et son expérience à l’INSEEC !

At Inseec, we have students of many nationalities. We asked one of them, Waseem Azam, to tell us about his experience in our school.

Waseem is from Pakistan and he is currently in MBA International Business Management.

“I chose Inseec because it is one of the best business institute in France and I liked the structure of this MBA program course. It was very informative and useful and faculty was experienced and excellent ».

His experience in France was not only about school, it was especially about life :

“I remember my welcoming party, which was arranged by the local government and school. It was the best party I ever had, many nationalities were under the same roof, we ate,we drank and we celebrated.”

He also insisted on the accompaniment that Inseec provides :

“When you are leaving your home and travelling thousands of miles, it can be very difficult. That was a time when the management of Inseec took all of the initiatives and played a crucial role to remove all of these barriers. When I arrived in Chambery, the director of international development, Mr Michel, was there and he picked me up himself and dropped me to my room, and then he gave me his mobile phone and told me to make a call home. I talked to my mother and told her that I was in safe hands. It was heart touching moment for me. Inseec not only provide the facilities to their students, but they also are very much committed to provide quality education”.  

 In addition to all these experiences and the environment, Waseem also found the care he received from his companions and teachers very warming :

“The role of my teachers was very informative and friendly. They taught us not only theory but also practical experiences of their life, which helped us to understand the real business strategies and models. Their method of teaching was so impressive because they always encourage the students to speak and they built confidence among the students”.

After his graduation, Waseem is looking for a good position in multinational company to get some valuable experience, and also planning to learn french language to fully explore french society and culture. 

We can only wish him the best !