A campus which is located at the lake beds of Bourget Lac surrounded with magnificent mountains of Rhone Alps in Savoie. It reminds the ancient Indian system of “Gurukul” where students learn with nature. The fresh air and continuous water flow from the Alps would make us feel that perfect place with a mix of Nature and Education. Further, with such beauty, enormous campus classes start at morning session 8.15 AM. Being an Indian don’t take advantage of late arrival to class can’t be permitted so be punctual for the classes at the leverage of 10 mins to enter the class where you learn time management.

I saw more staffs Inseec Chambery welcoming me to start my day. Always greeted with a smile of “BONJOUR” means “HELLO” in English. The first day of class was little excited as arrived late 21st April 2017 where I have missed classes of two weeks earlier. I was excited to start my class as a student again there was always a mind voice running through my mind the purpose of this Master’s and my sacrifice for this.

First Class, I was welcomed by a French Professor with a warm smile and comforting voice by the course director he asked new students to introduce with their basic information. Thereafter started his lecture with an Introduction to the Subject “International Relations & Geopolitics” quite interesting subject which covered the current World Economic Imbalance & Geopolitics being first time in Internationally recognized business School gave me a overwhelming feeling and increased my thirst of knowledge teaching techniques. At the end of the first day, where I realized how it feel being at best academic institution. Forthcoming days we had more courses to be worked & Covered with best lecturers in the campus. More important to me is talking about CESNI the expertise course for sport person where you happen to meet many sport men in the campus who represents France in International Game from various sports like Foot Ball, Volley Ball, Hockey, Hand Ball, Rugby and more

The most one of my attraction was transportation in France with your monthly student pass which makes travel easily from Chambery to Inseec with frequent timings. This short would refresh your mind while back and forth going to school with the richness of green filled fields and massive mountains traveling next to your windows.

During my further classes, I happened to meet lectures Madame Dullin (Intermediate Business French) Mr.Alexandra Fidanza (Supply Chain Management), Mr.Marc Mernardi (Doing Business In Europe), Mr.Pat Brans (Doing Business in North America), Celine (Market Research), Mr.Antonio Matera ( Doing Business In Middle East), Mr.Ted Gleason (International Business Law), International Accounts with mixture of such experienced lecturers with sound knowledge in subjects and runs their own business in Europe and other countries too.

The school has organized various activities like Participating in Marathon, Trekking to Cross the mountains, Company visit, Business Games and more. Chambery has become my favorite destination of living compared to others countries like Malaysia & Singapore.

During two-semester, my knowledge & interest towards the business, administration & international working standards has scaled high. I had great opportunity to interact with professors who are business people for years. It seemed six months passed in a short time. Finally, I need to get an Internship to apply my theoretical knowledge. I’ve applied to many companies via LinkedIn and was waiting for a response. There are few which responded back later no information regarding next step for recruitment. Disappointed and stressed days but still I didn’t lose my hope through my husband who always pats my shoulder to go continue my journey.

One day I asked myself “Why Not INSEEC?” rather explaining a new person about my profile being a student my school knows well about me and my academics which would help me in finding a right. I have submitted my presentation for a Guest Lecture to MSC & MBA students to Mr. David Bouvier. Though on the busy schedule he was concerned about the student and had met with him. After reviewing my profile and feedback from lectures I received a response where I was instructed to meet Mr. Matera, current Course Director for International Business Management.

Thereafter things started very smoothly now I’m a Guest Lecturer & student coordinator intern for International Students at INSEEC Chambery. Giving classes to Master students and organizing conference, events, visits for them which make a sound profile to explore and acquire knowledge on French Standards.

A school and its management play an important role in student’s life which can transform the person into successful personality in professional & personal life.  In my case, my Director reacted to me at perfect time and identified my strengths where my talent can be implemented.”Thank you, David Sir”

Here I would like to share few words about our Director. I have never seen such a cool person who takes things easy and put it right being active all the time. He inspires many students very specifically International Students in Chambery Campus. Never say “NO” person, Hyperactive, Sporting and who thinks more on improvising the Chambery Campus with other competing B schools in Savoie Technolac.

My first step in working with internationally recognized B school & Group which is shaping my career path & goals perfectly.

According to me, I landed a place where I can visualize my future with talented minds around which is more important in any student’s life. Making a right choice especially in academic would change entire lives, believe your intuition strongly and take a right guidance which can change your entire life.

Thanks to my Family, Lecturers, Inseec Management, Friends, and France Government for this amazing opportunity for students like me

My choice was right so here I’m today ; what about you?