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Last February, our students from the MBA Luxury Brand Management, Jewelry & Cosmetics had the pleasure and the opportunity to join in a Luxury journey. Indeed, they left for five days to Paris and Reims in order to discover some prestigious places in the luxury sector.

Luxury journey, an olfactory one

paris-luxury-trip-inseecIn a first time, they met David Frossard, founder and manager of the label Différentes Latitudes. Showroom of the label, our students discovered LIQUIDES, a perfume bar born from the meeting between David Frossard and the designer Philippe di Méo. More than twenty brands offering outstanding fragrances are presented.


A couple of doors from there, our students made a stop at the Maison des Parfums Candora. It offers a profusion of nature inspired perfumes. In this way, they discovered custom perfume Eaux de toilette and candles.

To end this olfactory journey, they visited the Grand Musée du Parfum. It is located in a private mansion at 73, rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré. 16 experts allow the museum to make all audiences aware of the smell. Thus, they helped our students to develop their knowledge in the field of Perfume.

Viewing pleasure, between jewels and haute couture

paris-luxury-trip-inseecThat luxury journey brought our students to L’école des Arts Joailliers by Van Cleef & Arpels, first jewelry introductory  school for the general public, where they attended an induction course. Five partnerships in Japan and in France give evidence of the fundamental missions of the school: diffusion of culture, transmission and education.

Philippe Mihailovich, co-founder and CEO of HAUTeLUXE, invited them to review as many Luxury stores as possible between Palais Royal and Saint Honoré. The aim was to make them identify the commonalities and the differences between luxury, jewelry and perfume brands. The final goal was to make students create their own concept of High Luxury Niche product store in Paris. In this way they had to show rarity and originality.

Luxury journey in Reims, a gustatory trip

reims-luxury-trip-inseecOur students have completed their trip in Reims, capital of champagne. They delighted in a lunch at La Vigneraie, a famous guide Michelin gastronomic stop, which was awarded two labels Maître restaurateur and Vignoble découverte. They had the privilege of discovering two prestigious wine estates as well:  Maison Veuve Clicquot and Domaine Pommery.


Maison Veuve Clicquot and Domaine Pommery offer a quality vineyard shared through the best vintage of Champagne, and are really committed in green and sustainable viticulture. The two renowned brands also developed underground tours. In this way, our students had the opportunity to stride across their tunnels of several kilometers. These last store the millions of bottles produced each year and waiting to be relished.

Finally, our students were honoured to savour the famous Brut Carte Jaune of Veuve-Clicquot and Brut Royal of Pommery. This tasting was the grand finale of their luxury journey.

veuve-clicquot-luxury-trip-inseec pommery-luxury-trip-inseec