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On December 7th, MBA students in Global Communication attended a lecture by Anne Lauvergeon on the “Energy and Communication”.During this meeting, Anne Lauvergeon first described the evolution of energy throughout history, before raising the crucial issue of energy use in « industrialized » countries. According to the former CEO of AREVA, the unequal distribution of wealth would have major ecological consequences in a global scale. To counter these risks, she explained that communication would have a major role to play, in informing about the need to control energy consumption. Anne Lauvergeon then detailed the communication strategy of AREVA and described the pattern of the energy transition.After a lively debate on the Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN), students asked a lot of questions on various topics such as Florange, Research and Development, the influence of France, or the need to refocus the energy industry on growth prospects.This interesting lecture made students consider the important issues related to civic contribution!

Anne Lauvergon

Graduated from from the French National School of Engineer (“Ecole des Mines”) and the French “Ecole Normale Supérieure”, Anne Lauvergeon is a very powerful personality in France. She is particularly known for her 12-year mandate as CEO of AREVA, a global leader and key player in nuclear energy.
Chairman of the Supervisory Board of “Liberation” since October 2011, she was named on November 2012, one of the six “Sages” who will lead the national debate on energy transition.


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