Le Brand Management pour Franco, un argentin à l’INSEEC

At INSEEC, we have many students coming from abroad in our international classes, and Franco Braidich is one of them. Originally from Argentina, he accepted to tell us more about his journey in France and his expectations for the future.

Born in Bahia Blanca, a small city, 7 car hours away from Buenos Aires, Argentina, he spent four years studying marketing in his country’s capital city and worked in the meantime in the services department of a tech company as well as in an online ad agency in the operations department. So his life was already quite filled !

Always looking for new experiences and challenges, Franco loves to travel also discover new cultures, and he wanted to learn a new language, so he realized that studying abroad would fill both his personal and professional needs.

Today, he is in the last year of his MSc Brand Management and Digital Marketing.

About his experience in France, Franco chose to come to INSEEC because the school offered a master in the field he was looking for, namely Brand Management. He wanted to find a place where he could combine his studies and his passion for outdoor sports – snowboarding in particular – so when he saw that the campus was in Chambéry in French Alps, he knew it was the best option for him.

At first, his journey in France was a little bit difficult for him because he had never spoken French and it was a totally different culture from his but as time went by, he felt more and more comfortable. At the moment, Franco is looking for an internship to learn skills he could use in his future career and also to know how people work in foreign countries.

His projects for the future are to apply all things he learnt during his time in France to improve his family business. He also wishes to stay a little bit longer in Europe to open his mind even more in order to understand our fast changing world and all its habits.