International students: Silvana, from Mexico

Silvana, you’re from Mexico, could you please explain us how was your studies and university there? And your city?

Hello, my name is Silvana Velázquez. I studied Communication in one of the best schools in Mexico, the Iberoamericana University in Puebla.
Puebla is a city with a lot of students, and very cosmopolitan! Night life is amazing, and there are very nice night clubs and restaurants.
I have had the time of my life in Puebla, and keep the best memories ever.

How did you hear about INSEEC and why did you finally choose to integrate our Masters? What do you expect from INSEEC?

I knew INSEEC thanks to an ex-colleague of mine and through a University trade exhibition I went to. I really loved the International reach of the school and the opportunity to join a Master’s degree in Events Marketing and Public Relations. From INSEEC, I expect top speakers, learning, a network and a boost for my career in events.

What is your first feeling of Paris and what do you like in the “city of light”? If you already know Paris, what will you advise to do and visit for your international classmates?

Paris is such a lovely city. It presents a very interesting and stimulating mix of cultures which made me met people from over 40 different countries. I have had the opportunity to practice the 4 languages I talk.
My advice is to go out in the city as much as you can to take advantage of the restaurants, of the cultural life, museums, trade exhibitions, night clubs, festivals, cinema. We are living in an extremely active city and everyday something incredible is happening somewhere in Paris. Just be aware of it by joining local associations, read blogs and make French friends that can show you around and introduce you to the French culture. I have discovered the Boeuf bourguignon and good French wines thanks to a French friend of mine.

What’s your plan for the future in terms of professional and personal life?

I have one philosophy in life: make the most of any moment, always do your best!
On the short term, my objective is to successfully complete my Master’s degree and as a student representative of my Master’s, create the best relationship between students and teachers.
My professional objective is to join a top events agency like Publicis, Auditoire, Lever de Rideau…