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On June 18th, students in MSc Fashion Marketing Design & Brand Strategies invited the public, professionals, undergraduates, teachers, amateurs and other curious minds to discover the world of underwear.

This first edition devoted to underwear brought together historians in fashion, as well as experts and key actors of the lingerie sector. A wide variety of topics were explored by the speakers, from the history of underwear to French lingerie with its iconic brands that cover more than 100 years of history, through social anthropology up to the emergence of new branded lingerie trendsetters such as Calzedonia or Madame Aime.

The event was held in the presence of:

  • Jean-Noël VIGOUREUX – Professor/Expert in Fashion history
  • Françoise BATHIE – Expert/Consultant in Lingerie
  • Betony VERNON – Designer and sexual anthropologist
  • Cécile VIVIER-GUERIN, Marketing Director Lingerie Division – Eurovet
  • Sandie ZANINI, Communication & Images Manager – Calzedonia and Manuela BATTAGLINO, Executive Regional Manager– Calzedonia (Calzedonia/Intimissimi)
  • Philippe BERTHAUX, CEO of EuroFashion Group/Empreinte
  • Brigitte CHAUCHON, Business Director–  Madame Aime and Maud FUNARO, General Director – Madame Aime


Maurizio SERENA, Director of the Fashion Marketing Design & Brand Strategies program, who took the initiative of organizing the Underwear Day, outlines: “This project is fully in line with the teaching goals of this 5th year specialization program. By involving themselves in a project of this kind, students gained a deeper understanding of a booming sector. They also had the opportunity to interact with key stakeholders in this industry, and to communicate directly with professionals who provide their vision on trends or the latest technological developments in a sector that is constantly changing, for instance with the emergence of new ways of communicating and other innovative marketing practices.

I would like to thank all the participants, the significant number of Luxury, Communication and Marketing students who attended the event and all of the speakers who kindly accepted our invitation. This first edition was a real success and the next one is shaping up to be even better!”

Find out more by watching the video below:

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