Finale presentation Nicolas de Barry business case

In partnership with INSEEC MSc & MBA in Paris, last October Nicolas de Barry brand asked the students of MBA Luxury Brand Management Jewelry & Cosmetics to conduct an audit as well as a business case. Divided into 10 marketing agencies, students were engaged in competition to provide the best strategic recommendations to the brand.

After six months of intensive work, the students of MBA Luxury Brand Management Jewelry & Cosmetics presented in March the results of their work before a board made up of Eddy BLANCHET, Luxury expert and co-founder of Nicolas Barry Haute Perfumery, and Nathalie PALDACCI, the Luxury Programs Director of INSEEC MSc & MBA in Paris.

Specialized in the manufacture of high quality art perfumes, and recognised for its know-how, Nicolas De Barry brand is an expanding company and relies on a significant international development strategy. In view of this, students have been working on real issues for two perfumes brands:

– FWIEHA Fragranza ta’ Malta

-Nicolas de Barry Haute Perfumery

Beyond the relevance of the studies, Eddy Blanchet highlighted the strong practical dimension of this business case: « This exercise is for us, entrepreneurs, an ample proof of the excellence of the MBA Luxury Brand Management Jewelry & Cosmetics. This case study also allows students to encounter the real world of business at international level, in all its complexity, before starting their internship in the next few weeks. Some studies completely reinforce our upcoming strategies or the ones in the process of being deployed. Others even open new paths of action. I also extend my warmest thanks to the INSEEC faculty members who provide their support in those real case studies.”

Léa D’ERAMO and Anita KARAM won the competition for their case study dedicated to FWIEHA Fragranza ta’ Malta 2016. Congratulations also to Yue SONG, Shirley GERGES and Nataliya MATSOUEVA who persuaded the jury with their relevant analysis devoted to Nicolas de Barry Haute Perfumery.

The first team will enjoy a trip to Malta with a visit of the FWIEHA Fragranza ta’Malta perfume manufacturing site. The other one will participate in a Master Class « Introduction to High-Perfumery » led by Mr. Nicolas de Barry himself, in an exceptional setting in Paris.

Congratulations also to the other teams who carried out their business case with great professionalism!