End of the Seminar on Luxury in the Les Suites du Lac hotel

End of the Seminar on Luxury in Les Suites du Lac hotel for the students in the MSc Luxury hospitality & event management programme on the Chambery campus.

During their last seminar last October in Les Suites du Lac hotel, beside the Bourget Lake, the students had been assigned the task, by the hotel management, of making a qualitative study in order to see how and in what way guests and prospective guests view the hotel.

On 11th December, the results of their studies were presented to the director of the establishment, Mr Lopez. This latter observed that a serious study had been made, based on an astute analysis of the hotel’s digital policy. The students had brought their expertise to the three areas of research.

  • The hotel’s brand image on the Web
  • The process of making foreign guests welcome right up until their departure,
  • The package proposed by the hotel

Certain products recommended in this last area will be rapidly implemented. Here are a few examples:

Fishing in the Bourget Lake, Savoie by air, an Adrenalin wedding, a trek on a dogsled, a trip in a hot-air balloon or in a helicopter, a visit to the Abbey by the lake… will now be additional activities proposed by the hotel.  These activities are to be sold on its site and on its blog. A brochure will also be available in the suites and a newsletter will be sent to guests.

« The two other recommendations show that a fair and complete study has been made on the way a luxury hotel is seen by high-end guests, but they are not necessarily adapted to the size of our hotel. I am very happy to have worked with the students of MSc Luxury hospitality & Events Management who have given me many new ideas that can be implemented to develop the activities in my establishment”.