Conference on visual merchandising by Soline d’Aboville

On July 4th, students in MBA Luxury Brand Management, Food & Wine attended a conference on visual merchandising held by Soline d’Aboville.Designer specialized in the luxury world, Soline d’Aboville creates scenographic presentations of large institutional events and showcases for prestigious brands such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Baccarat, Boucheron, etc.

During her conference, this specialist shared with students her experience in visual merchandising, mentioning its working methods to complete her many and varied projects, whether for store or external event.

She then describes the technics and tools of visual merchandising, before detailing the trends and developments of concept stores or architecture. Stressing the strategic dimension of visual merchandising in the success of a brand or a store, the designer explained that this speciality was applied not only in the fashion industry, but also in the hospitality, design, haute cuisine or wine. To illustrate her point, Soline d’Aboville referred to her recent work for « The Selby is in Cognac » exhibition, in which the scenic route traces the history of Hennessy (a world-leading Cognac house), through 50 photos by American photographer Todd Selby.

Following this conference, students showed their great interest in visual merchandising by conducting a lively Q&A session with Soline d’Aboville.

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Soline d’Aboville qualified from the School of Art Déco and gained experience in merchandising working for Cartier. She is particularly known for designing the decor for famous shop windows such as Louis Vuiton and later for Dior Couture.
Lending his talent to the largest French luxury houses, she has traced the history of Chanel Joaillerie through the « Innovation & Expertise » traveling exhibition, created the Louis Vuitton exhibition for the World Expo at Shanghai in 2010 and revisited the world of cabinets of curiosities for Boucheron during the Paris Fashion Week in January 2011.
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