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On April 8th, the MSc Fashion Marketing, Design and Brand Strategies students attended a conference with Luc LESENECAL, President of SAINT JAMES, one of the oldest worldwide French fashion brand, renowned for both its unique hand-knitting savoir-faire and its famous striped jersey.

Luc LESENECAL first described the history of SAINT JAMES, since its creation until it gets the « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » label in 2013 for the excellence of its traditional savoir-faire. After enlightening SAINT JAMES universe which is built on the casual chic concept « Né de la mer », he revealed the marketing and the strategy aspects of the firm, before going through the stakes of the Made in France, and the hallmark of this exceptional fashion designer. He then reviewed with students many other subjects such as the e-business with the website make-over, sales policy in foreign markets, retail development, organization of showrooms, and the creation process.

Taking a keen interest in this one hundred-year old brand, the students spent a considerable time exchanging views with Luc LESENECAL.



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