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The students in MSc/MBA International Business Management in the Chambéry campus have recently taken part in their first Business Game coached by Didier Alluin of the company, Optigest.

Creating and developing a company

The 3-day programme puts students in the situation of creating and developing a young virtual company in a determined sector of activity; this year, it was chocolate. Each team of 3 or 4 students, represented by a company, competed against each other.

The students were faced with real situations in companies: decision-making, but at the same time coming up against certain issues (HR, sales, marketing and finance). All this was done in the form of exercises, case studies and role playing. Students were continually debriefed, corrections were made and new content was constantly added to the business game session. Each ½ day represented 1 month of company activity. The students had to learn how to manage their time, their priorities, and each person’s personality, taking into account their cultural diversity.

Certain teams showed real creativity as they even created documents to promote their company.

At the end of the challenge, each company was firstly classified according to the business, financial and marketing results obtained, then the final classification was revealed.

Testimony by Mohamed Afsal Churapilakkal

Team 4  who obtained 3rd place in the ‘Market Challenge’ (on the right in the photo).

The opportunity to apply lessons learnt from within closed walls in an environment as close to the real world is not something you come across every day, which is why I had to give this a try. I must say I would have regretted it deeply had I not done so.

The business simulation gives you a perspective of doing business in the actual marketplace by letting you experience the leverages and pitfalls of good and bad decisions alike. Especially for students with less hands-on experience of working in a business setting, this would prepare them better than any closed class would.

Working alongside people from various socio-cultural and educational backgrounds to respond to different scenarios that try to emulate seasonal changes in the market in a strategic manner, has been an excellent learning experience. I’m positive that my earlier experiences, coupled with what I have learned at INSEEC so far, along with what I have learned from this simulation, would make it easier for me to relate to challenges I would face in the near future”.

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