Brand Management : Mathilde, junior manager

Mathilde’ interview, Junior Manager of Sales & Marketing for an international company, former student in Marketing and Brand Management, MSc&MBA INSEEC in Bordeaux (2014/2015).


Dear Mathilde, what was your Academic or Professional path?

I’ve studied International Tourism for 2 years. I liked it but I realized that I was more attracted to the Marketing sector so I decided to do my Bachelor degree in this field. So, I went to Spain for as part of an Eramus exchange student and did a Bachelor in “Marketing & Communication” at the ESIC School in Madrid.

Coming back to France, I wanted to find a good school with an International program in Marketing and that drove me to apply to MSc&MBA INSEEC Bordeaux.

I started the first year with the French Marketing program. Then I followed the MBA2 Marketing & Brand Management program last year.

Where is your career at nowadays?

I started my MBA2 Internship in an International company called

The deal was that I had to prove my worth for 6 months so they would finally decide if they wanted to keep me or not. It looks like I did well since I was hired last September as Junior Manager of Sales & Marketing for Zankyou France.

My missions are:

–       To select wedding providers wishing to appear on Zankyou

–       To establish communication media planning for various providers (Directory sheet, articles, banners, mailing, newsletter etc.)

–       To manage and coordinate the campaigns throughout the year

–       Action of prospection, develop the customer loyalty and customer portfolio

–       Observation and analysis of the market and its competitors

–       Requirements definition, solution selection, contract negotiation

–       Development of Zankyou France


Why did you choose the MBA Marketing & Brand Management program?

I wanted an International career. My decision was motivated by my strong wish to speak and learn English every day at school in order to become more and more fluent.

I have always liked Brand Management and I wanted to develop my skills in this area. For me, if you choose a Business school you must develop and improve your English which is the most important language in the sales & marketing world.

I really wanted an International profile in Marketing that’s why I decided to choose this program.

What did this program bring to you?

This program bought me lot of things: we had lot of group works, lots of oral & written presentations to deliver. It helped me to be more and more efficient and less shy. I am really glad because as a salesperson today you need to face people, to know how to present a project or a company.

What are the professional possibilities coming ahead?

Right now I am a Junior Manager. I will continue to get more and more experiences to become a senior and after maybe become “Head of Sales & Marketing Department” as soon as possible. Right now I want to get a lot of experiences. The good thing in my company is that everybody has a lot responsibilities and this is very educational. I finally realize that being a salesperson has lot of advantages! You are a very important person in the company because you are the one who brings the money in. 🙂

If you had message to pass on to the students what would it be?

I would advise to take all the good things that this program & the school can bring: the networking, the teacher and professional you meet & the experience they share, the presentation you do etc. Also students should learn to be patient and try to get an international experience!