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Anupkumar Pallattuvasudevapanicker is the Admission Officer for INSEEC in the International Development Department.
Anup came to Inseec as an MBA student, to improve his knowledge in the business field.
Previously, in India he completed his Master’s degree in Software Engineering and worked for six years in the automotive industry as an Assistant Relationship Manager.

When he came to France, the first thing he was surprised of was the calmness of the environment and the systematic approach in every aspect (administration, daily life, quality of life, broad infrastructures for student’s educational life, work environment…).
After one year and a half, his expectations have been fulfilled. In France, he experienced a new educational system, based on the mutual cooperation between students and professors. At that time, he found some professionally experienced and talented professors and lectures.

« Chambéry is a very dynamic city; it offers a lot of possibilities for international students to explore its very characteristic geographical location. Chambéry is the heart of Savoie, surrounded by the Alps, the largest European mountain chain. This particular position gives Chambéry the ideal climate. I am coming from Kerala, southern India, where the weather is hot and humid, so Chambéry has been a good discovery for its fresh climatic conditions. »

As an international person, Anup says that coming to France was a good decision. Through the last two years, he has improved both his knowledge in the field of business thanks to his MBA, and his professional skills thanks to his job as an Admission Officer.

« Working with people from several socio-cultural and educational backgrounds to respond to different scenarios has been an excellent learning experience. I am positive that my earlier experiences, coupled with what I have learned at Inseec so far will make it easier for me to relate to challenges. »


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