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Abhishek Dash, in final year of MSc Luxury Hospitality and Event Management, is an Indian student from Bhubaneswar, capital city of Odisha state (eastern part of India).

Before joining INSEEC, he was working as finance manager at a Sun Green 4 star hotel for 4 years in his hometown. Now, it is his first year at INSEEC, and Abhishek chose this path for one reason : ambition.

“I choose to find my way in the field of luxury hospitality because it’s an ambition. I was always passionate about it and since I started working I accumulated a good experience in the hospitality industry.”

His family’s opinion is something that really matters for him.

“My family motivated me to go to a country like France, which I visited twice before as a tourist. In Paris in 2011 and again in Nice and Cannes in 2013. I researched a lot and chose Inseec for its opportunities and because it was less expensive than other schools I had in mind.”

Abhishek also told us more about his experience in France and at Inseec, and he is quite happy of it.

“I love to be a student in France and I love Inseec a lot because all the faculty members and directors are always motivating, and they always help every student to take life in a positive way. The faculty members of Inseec are very kind and caring. They enable each and every student to rectify their mistakes and improve in life. Our directors (Sébastien Francon, Michel Guilmault and David Bouvier) are very supportive and are good human beings.”

Besides his formation, Abhishek took part in several events with Inseec, such as the Ski Cross World Cup in december 2016 in Val Thorens, an amazing experience for him ; but also an event for gastronomy, food and wine at Inseec that was appreciated by one of the best french newspapers.

He was also certified by Luxury Attitude certificate of Inseec, which is a designation with top honors at Paris.

In the future, he would love to continue with the happy culture group of hotels and would love to work in hospitality industry in France.


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