Eve: « The MBA Finance is a multi-faceted program opening to international positions »

MBA Finance (Graduated in 2013)
Back Officer at BNP PARIBAS Corporate Investment Banking

What was your background before you joined INSEEC MSc & MBA?
I obtained a BBA in Management specialized in Banking and Financial Markets at Espeme Lille. After a long-term internship, I wanted to improve my English in order to get an international job, so I spent 6 months in New Zealand where I attended intensive English courses.

Why did you decide to integrate INSEEC MSc & MBA, and why did you choose the MBA Finance?
After my stay in New Zealand, I was naturally looking for an English-speaking Master program to get a higher level of education with an international perspective. I already knew INSEEC by reputation, from various readings and from my entourage. The MBA in Finance was exactly what I expected: a program specialized in both Corporate Finance and Financial Markets, and totally taught in English.

Did your expectations meet reality when you joined INSEEC, in terms of program curriculum and teaching?
I was very enthusiastic when reading the description of the MBA in Finance on the website. I found it so multi-faceted, and this was confirmed when I joined the program! For instance, I learnt Sustainable Development with an American teacher (many questions asked and actions realizable around Finance), Finance Basics with an English teacher (lots of exercises and work situations), I used Bloomberg software with an American teacher, and so on… Actually, these factors are what drew my attention and made me choose this program more than another. My goal has always been to occupy an international position and that it is the case today, thanks to this MBA curriculum.

What are your current position and main responsibilities at BNP PARIBAS?
Today, I am a Back Officer in Forex Money Market at BNP PARIBAS Corporate Investment Banking. I hold a NDF matching position, where I ensure the reconciliation of the operations that I manage. NDF, which means Non Deliverable Forward, is a specific product in Money Market. It is the exchange of a deliverable currency (USD American Dollar) with a non-deliverable one (INR Indian Rupee) for example. I have to control these deals match by checking the similarity of the indicators between BNP CIB Paris and banks overseas.

What is your fondest memory or most surprising experience as a student at INSEEC MSc & MBA?
It was very surprising to meet so many students coming from all over the world (Saudi Arabia, China, India, Kazakhstan, Columbia…) and to spend a year with them. We shared different work cultures and « ways of being » to facilitate the exchange of opinions and teamwork. It was a wonderful human experience.

What would be your advice for future students?
Allow yourself to embark on this experience that can be fulfilling, both on the individual and collective level. This MBA in Finance is fully recognized to attract recruiters thanks to its international dimension.