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Today, we decided to focus on two remarkable students at Inseec U., who are involved in a great project that will revolutionize communication.

They have accepted to answer our questions and we thank them for that !

The first one is Shakthi Arivazhagan, originally from the southern part of India, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He did his schooling in Pune (City in West India) & Chidambaram (a small town in southern India) before coming to INSEEC.

This year, he’s in MBA in Digital Marketing & Brand Management. Before that, he was working as technical recruiter for an Multi-National Company in India and a Digital Marketing Freelancer for few small and medium business companies.

Since he was so bored with his daily routine, he wanted to reinvented himself, so he took up writing as a serious business, because as he says,  “writing has been always my love right from childhood”.

So he started his personal blog, then with the help of friends he started writing for comedy scripts for Indian Stand up comics & also started performing on stage in open mic.

When we asked him how he chose this path, he told us :

“I chose Digital Marketing & Brand Management, because I did my bachelors in computer science and engineering. With my combined knowledge & expertise in Computer Science and writing I chose Digital Marketing, I somehow feel Marketing requires an art of story telling being a writer that’s my vital factor”.

According to him, Inseec U. is one of most well established business school in France.

“The curriculum course which I was looking for was only available in INSEEC, also with reviews and feedback given by friends has made me to chose Inseec U.”.

We also asked him about his experience in France and at Inseec U., and judging from his words he enjoys it a lot !

“France is beautiful and traditional country with lovely people who are conservative about their language and tradition. Right from the architecture and history, it talks a lot about the amount of importance given to philosophy. I have traveled to Paris, Nantes, Strasbourg, Chomonix, Lyon and Montpellier. I must admit the places are so beautiful and efforts taken by the government and the public to preserve this places are commendable. Inseec U., all I would say it has given me great learning atmosphere with the support of our faculties such as Fabien Lacroix, Fredic Bescond, Dustin and many more. I found lovely family here, special thanks to Inseec U.”.

For his future, he wants to do his my internship in Europe to observe and learn from the market, and to establish his telecom company with his best buddy Dikshik Ratan, implementing the right mix of innovation and design.

We can only hope he achieves it in the near future !


Part two of our articles about our remarkable students, after talking to Shakthi Arivazhagan, we turn to his friend, Dikshik Ratan.

Dikshik is an Indian from Kerala, which ils located in the south of India. Just like Shakthi, he is pursuing his Master’s in Digital Marketing & Brand Management.

Before Inseec U., he was working as a Marketing Executive in a advertising firm (Almas Printing) in Dubai. A logical path for someone who really likes marketing :

“I’m basically a Marketing Enthusiast since school. Event Management and Public Relation works in college made me to choose this career”.

He chose Inseec U. because in his own words,

“it is one of the best colleges in Europe, with extremely good lectures”.

And he seems to enjoy his stay in France !

“It’s basically a paradise, a lot of good people with extremely developed cultures”.

We asked him to tell us more about his projects, especially the one he has with his friend Shakthi, so he pitched us his idea :

“A phone has now become a basic necessity in everyone’s life. We are looking forward to make it more user friendly and easy for tech geeks. For which, we are basically concentrating on integrating artificial intelligence with drone Technology in a smart phone. And we are looking forward to make it a reality”.

We are also looking forward to the prototype, it is a project to follow closely for sure !