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Since this year, the students of INSEEC MSc & MBA Paris have to carry out a consulting mission within the framework of their MBA. On Saturday 27th January the students of INSEEC MBA Finance presented their Business Plan via a live Skype link to their client, Mr. Michael Stromme, who has created a charity business model company in Rwanda, Central Africa.

Here is the letter of thanks subsequently received from the client:

“ The MBA Finance students under the tutelage of Mme. Stephanie Campion, having completed the Umuseke consulting mission, should be proud of their final presentation. 

Not only were my business advisor Joseph and I thoroughly impressed with all the work and research that the groups put into this presentation, but we agreed how helpful and beneficial this will be in going forward with the social entrepreneurship of Umuseke Soap here in Kigali, Rwanda.  Their thorough research and advice has given us insight, ideas, and tools we can immediately apply to our planning and strategies.  We are happy they learned so much about Rwanda itself, as well as the expanding implementation and widespread impact of global social entrepreneurship. 

We are eternally grateful and appreciative of INSEEC, Mme. Campion, and her impressive students, whom we’re confident will succeed in life as they move forward. Sincerely, ”

Michael Stromme (Founder, Managing Director of Umuseke Soap)

MBA FINANCE is a Master in Business Administration for international students embarking on a career in finance.

Finance has always been at the heart of any business… and always will be. Business always needs the guidance of qualified finance experts.

This MBA in Finance provides students with the theoretical tools required to master practical issues in the financial management of business entities anywhere in the world.

Although the MBA welcomes students with a wide variety of experience and from many different countries, they often share similar values and qualities such as high intellectual ability, work experience, determination and the courage to undertake full-time study in a foreign language.

Many students are looking to develop entrepreneurial expertise that will enable them to implement their own business plan.

Don’t hesitate to contact the admissions service of Paris for more information on the MBA Finance !