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Olena DUBOVA is one of our foreign students, in MSc 2 International Acquisitions & Supply Chain Management, and she is telling us about her experience at Inseec U. and impressions of France.

Olena was born in Ukraine, but when she was six years old her parents relocated to Czech Republic and it became her second home.

At the moment she is in MSc 2 International Acquisitions & Supply Chain Management. She finds it quite challenging because almost all courses are in French. Before coming to Inseec U., she did her Bachelor degree in Brno, Czech Republic with a specialization in International Development Studies.

Olena told us she always wanted to help the LDC (least developed countries) so these studies were extremely interesting. However, when she looked around her, she realized that “working for non governmental organisations does bring restriction in your choice of living locations”.

Why did she choose Inseec U. ? 

“The priority for me was to integrate a master fully taught in English and with possibilities to have free time aside of school to first continue learning French and secondly apply for internship. Inseec U. did present the best compromise as I was accepted to join a MSc 1 International Business Management but with French “alternants”.

This offered many advantages such as permanent English course, French speaking environment and possibility to find an internship Monday to Wednesday. I therefore did not hesitate a minute when I was offered to enroll though it was 50km away from home. Also the recruitment staff looked very welcoming and easy going, for an international student with limited French skills, it certainly played a big role in my motivation to pursue with Inseec.

The first thing which really positively surprised me at Inseec was this constant connection between courses and real working requirements. Most of Inseec teachers are professionals or former ones with practical experiences. courses are therefore very pragmatic with many cases directly applicable in companies which boost your confidence”.

Olena is currently in internship at Schneider Electric in Grenoble. She started one year ago and they proposed her to continue under the «Alternance contract» for the MSc 2. She works at purchasing department and her first project was to centralize the industrial gas purchase for the European plants.

She really enjoyed it and especially the fact that she led most of the sourcing phases. For her alternance this year she is working on large SBO (supplier base optimization) project, where she is in charge of some commodities (chemical products, screws and surface treatment).
Her short term objectives are to finish successfully the Master, the alternance and hopefully continue the adventure within Schneider as full time employee.

Aside of it, she also would like to improve her French and pass a language certification.

As for long term objective, it could be to create a family business of import/export with Eastern Europe countries, so we wish her the best !